Rumina Pump&Nurse Relaxed all-in-one Nursing Bra

Product Description

Rumina's Pump&Nurse Relaxed all-in-one Nursing Bra for maternity, nursing with built in hands-free pumping bra. 

  1. Save Time with simple hands-free pumping, no need to disrobe or put extra pieces on
  2. Comfortable & Supportive to wear all night and day during pregnancy, early engorgement
  3. One product for all your needs – maternity through pumping and breastfeeding


If your desired Size&Color combination is not in stock, call us and we will be happy to place a special order for you!! 



Rumina’s Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Relaxed all-in-one Nursing Bra is perfect foundation to support a moms unique and beautiful pregnancy and breastfeeding relationship.  Moms don’t have to buy a “special” pumping “bra,” Rumina’s Pump&Nurse bra can be worn as a maternity bra then transition for breastfeeding as a nursing bra with a built-in hands-free pumping bra. Rumina’s Pump&Nurse bras and tanks work with all breast pumps and have been used by 10's of 1,000's of busy moms who want to comfortably give their very best.



  • You don't have to disrobe or put on another pumping garment to hands-free double pump
  • The ONLY 'no hole' patented design that allows you to position the breast pump funnels to your unique nipple location for optimal suction
  • 'No holes' also means no openings directly over your nipple, this bra looks and feels like a traditional maternity, nursing, and sleep bras



  • No holes, zippers or Velcro to show through your shirt - no one should know you're wearing a pumping bra
  • So soft and comfortable, you will want to layer for work and wear for playing with your baby
  • Cotton/spandex blend that beautifully shapes and support you for all day and night wear



  • NO need to disrobe or put on another pumping garment saving you precious time
  • Pull down cups (as shown in picture) to nurse skin-to-skin with your baby
  • You can easily massage and/or nurse AND pump at the same time to increase milk supply




  1. Lift the top layer of the bra to reveal the inside layer with the side opening
  2. Slide the breast pump funnel in and position directly over your nipple
  3. Position the 3 layers over the funnel to secure the funnel in place and start pumping!




X-Small:    32B - 32D

Small:       32DD - 32DDD, 34B - 34D

Medium:  34DD - 34DDD, 36B - 36D

Large:       36DD - 36DDD, 38B - 38D

X-Large:   38DD - 38DDD, 40B - 40D


Rumina strives to fit ALL moms and help them with their pumping and nursing needs. Please understand all sizing charts are guides and actual size may differ based on stage of post pregnancy and pre pregnancy size and personal preference.  Please try on the bras before you wash and wear in order to exchange.



Recommended hand wash but if you're a busy mom with little time, simply wash in normal cycle with light material clothes, do not wash with items that have Velcro, hook-and-eye clasps or heavy materials (like jeans) as this will damage the elastic band and soft material of the bra.



Designed in the USA and Imported

90% Soft Jersey Knit Cotton and 10% Spandex Blend

US Patent Numbers 8,469,770 and 9,155,339.  Additional Patents Pending.


Rumina is a mom-invented and designed product, solely owned and operated by moms committed to providing you with quality products that will last throughout your breastfeeding journey.  Click Add to Cart button now to see how Rumina can make your breastfeeding and pumping experience simple, comfortable and convenient!



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