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Bijou Wildthing Trek

Product Description

Wildthing Trek's green and black: simply captivating. The flowers: simply classic ... until you realize some of the petals are boldly tiger striped. They disappear into the bunched passes of a carry, but jump out with ferocity in spread passes. 

Bijou introduces another glorious "Low TENCEL®"/high cotton blend woven wrap to the Bijou lineup! 27% TENCEL® lends Trek softness from the first wash, but the strong workhorse fiber cotton does the "heavy lifting" with ease. It is truly the best of both worlds. 

Wildthing Trek is a very moldable wrap that wears like a warm hug, with a significant amount of shoulder "cush." Passes grip nicely and pleat beautifully. What is it not? It is not saggy in the least, and it is not a wrap that needs breaking in. It is simply an effortless piece of fabric with which to wear your baby. 

TENCEL® is a fiber made from sustainably harvested trees. It behaves like wool's low-maintenance cousin ... cozy and smooshy in hand like wool, but machine washable.

The color varies dramatically in different light. These photos represent the range of greens that Trek achieves, but despite these efforts the color may be different in person than it appears on your screen.

Vendor : Bijou Wear
$ 102.00 $ 170.00